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Who we’re for

Be curious

Our curiosity is the reason why we can offer you unparalleled insight. Being curious means doing the research and always asking questions, even difficult ones, being determined and digging until you get to the answer that could make all the difference. Being curious also means always looking for new, better ways of working. We always achieve more when we have a deeper understanding of our clients, their clients, business objectives, events, venues and each other.

Be close

Our business is built on relationships. We all have different ways of developing bonds with people, but the important point is that we do. We put time, effort and investment into getting close to our clients, suppliers and each other. Being close means paying attention to detail and remembering that little things matter. Being close means anticipating clients’ needs, understanding their brand values, gaining their trust as a valued partner.

Who we’re for

Be open

Being open means always being receptive to new ideas, transparent costing, honest when mistakes happen and adaptable to changing situations. We believe it’s the cornerstone upon which strong relationships are built.

Be commercial

Whilst we all enjoy what we do, It goes without saying that unless the company is a profitable one, it’s not going to survive! We recognise that delivering standout events and faultless service is the way to keep our existing clients with us year after year – and give us an enviable reputation that will draw in new ones.



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