National Tyres reward programme



Rewarding service as well as sales

Client: National Tyres

Project: Reward programme

Category: Reward platforms and prize management



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What was the challenge?

In 2007, the Managing Director of National Tyres admitted he had a problem. The tyre manufacturers were all vying for business by offering tactical incentives in return for selling more of their products. National Tyres recognised that this way of working went against their business strategy of providing excellent customer service and recommending the product that best met the customer’s needs. It was also time consuming to administer and difficult to communicate to a network of branches.

What did we do?

  • Inconnection proposed a reward platform hosted on National Tyre’s intranet, the perfect solution to their problem. We created a universal prize currency which all manufacturers’ budgets had to be directed through. The currency could then be earned for achieving objectives more in line with National Tyres’ ethos, such as positive feedback from mystery shoppers. Whilst the objectives could be easily changed, the currency and prizes it could ‘buy’ remained the same, creating consistency and simplicity of messaging.

  • An element of gaming was built into the system; users working towards a target could pick the reward they wanted, such as an iPad, and receive regular updates on their progress.

  • National Tyres communicate each quarter’s objectives and users can view their points tally by logging into the system at any time. They also receive monthly statements by email. Inconnection ensure users are constantly engaged by publishing monthly KPIs including number of users, logins, dormants, most popular prizes and the number of new prizes uploaded.

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What were the results?

  • Out of 800 employees, over 80% have live accounts.
  • The scheme has driven improved performance for eight years. With Inconnection keeping it fresh, it will carry on doing so into the future.

What did they say?

“The scheme has proved very successful in driving our business forward in a number of areas. The flexibility of the scheme will ensure it continues to be a motivational and aspirational reward system.”

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