Michelin Exelagri dealer events – Abu Dhabi



Deserts, dunes and fine dining

Client: Michelin

Project: Exelagri dealer events

Category: Bespoke events and incentive travel



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What was the challenge?

Part of Michelin’s business is providing tyres to the agricultural sector through dealerships. About five years ago, Michelin introduced a partner programme, Exelagri, aimed at strengthening dealer relationships and increasing sales. The brief to us was to create an annual three day conference at which 20 dealers and their partners could see product demonstrations and launches, preview the new year’s programme, give feedback and network with their peers.

We faced two major challenges. The first was the time of year; it had to be at the end of October or in early November, before the peak sales period in December. The second was the far flung rural locations of the dealers, so good transport connections and well organised travel were vital.

What did we do?

  • In the five years of running the programme, Inconnection have gained a great deal of insight into what the dealers enjoy (and what they don’t). They don’t like excessive travel, so destinations have to be easy to reach, and there are a few technophobes among them, so we contact them by personal phone call instead of asking them to register online.
  • We’ve organised some fantastic trips for them, including:

An action packed visit to Abu Dhabi, providing a full on Arabian experience for about half the price of a similar trip to Dubai, including a desert safari, a drive on the Grand Prix circuit and dinner in a Bedouin camp

Fine dining at the Michelin-starred Bibendum restaurant in London, the original home of the Michelin HQ, followed by a dazzling West End show

A tour of Michelin’s current HQ in Lyon, followed by a 2CV treasure hunt and a relaxing Rhone river cruise

A tour of the Michelin factory in Valladolid in Spain, followed by traditional tapas and breathtaking sightseeing in nearby Madrid.

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What were the results?

Exelagri has been highly successful in bringing the dealers fully on board, leading to increased sales and better engagement with Michelin and its objectives. The same Inconnection team have looked after the event since the beginning, allowing them to really get to know Michelin and their clients – something that has been much appreciated by both.

What did they say?

“It all went incredibly smoothly and nothing was too much trouble. I very much recognise the value that you added to our event.”

Mike Lawton


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