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Creating great events takes insight, inspiration and quite a bit of hard work. We work closely with our clients to deliver exactly the right solution to meet their objectives. Find out how it all works here, then get in touch to get started.




Who we’re for

The process

1. Needs & objectives
We start by asking questions. What do you need? Why are we doing this event? What are your objectives? Is it to motivate key staff members to reach targets, to engage your customers or incentivise your channel partners?

We’ll also take a close look at your business and market sector to better understand the bigger picture; everything from your company procurement process to ethics, tax implications and your corporate social responsibility policy.

2. The brief
With a firm objective in mind, we are ready for your in-depth brief. This might include where you’d like to go (UK or overseas), how many people are going and for how long. But, you’re not simply placing an order for Inconnection to fulfil without question. Knowing what you’re looking to achieve, with our specialist experience and local knowledge chances are we can offer a better, more cost-effective solution.

3. The creative magic
Once we’ve established what you’re looking for and why, we then go away and use our imagination and worldwide experience to come up with a whole range of options that we know will deliver the results you’re looking for, all thoroughly costed. From there, we talk, we sift and we combine until you have exactly the right solution.

Who we’re for

4. Planning & communications
Once you’ve picked one of our fantastic concepts, we start making it real. We put together a master plan that includes when and what happens, roles, responsibilities and the event itinerary. At this stage, keeping everyone in the loop is critical, as the plan has to be agreed by everyone.

5. Execution, operations & delivery
Now it’s time to get down to the details and putting everything in place: sending invitations to all the participants, booking flights, arranging transport and transfers and organising site visits for you.

And on the day – that’s when you sit back and let Inconnection do all the work!

6. Post event & beyond
The measure of success; did we meet your objectives, did we do it right and do you see the added value? We know there’s always constant room for improvement, so collecting feedback, analysing it and debriefing are vital parts of the process.

Hopefully you’ll want us to be part of your future plans and to help you meet new challenges further down the road. Your long term success is our ultimate goal, and the insights we pick up on along the way can only help us do it better!



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